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"Robin Grant & The Standard showcase truly artful jazz"


"This is jazz, smooth jazz, chic and sophisticated, an echo of a bygone era when music as art reached a high water mark."

"I had been assured that, “She’s really good,” and I had no reason to doubt that, but good lord...she isn’t “really good,” she and her band, The Standard, are in every conceivable way phenomenal." 

"...listening to Mozart does make you feel smarter, and by the same token, listening to Robin Grant makes you feel cooler, cosmopolitan and urbane."

"The ratio of “would be” jazz singers to actual jazz singers is woefully lopsided in favor of the former, but Robin Grant has a relationship with her voice like a master violinist has with a Stradivarius, and the quality of the instrument is equaled by the skill of the one wielding it."

   - Marc Michael, writer for The Pulse Magazine

 Grant has a particularly persuasive voice that seems to sink down into your bones and overwhelm any defenses you might have in place.

   - Joshua Pickard.


"Our company recently had the memorable pleasure of experiencing a smooth Jazz evening with Robin Grant and the Standard. Her sultry style and stage presence and captivating personality were on glorious display in our intimate setting. But what truly impressed were her incredible vocal range and talents as a songwriter and composer. Not to be outdone, the Standard provided precise accompaniment and relaxing instrumentals during the social part of our evening. Robin and the Standard were simply made for each other.” 

   - Dean Krech, managing partner JHM Certified Public Accountants 


“We’re all Jazz fans at heart….who knew! During a recent company party, Robin Grant and the Standard showed us how engaging lyrics, impressive vocal range, tight band accompaniment and phenomenal stage presence can all synchronize at once for a memorable show. Such a bright future ahead for these artists!”  

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